Becca Schutzius Headshot

Hi, I’m Becca! I am a product designer with experience in front end development. I specialize in small companies and start-ups where I have an incredibly diverse and useful skill set (and am therefore able to make a big impact). I began with a degree in graphic design then completed certifications in website design and development and computer programming. Doing the job of three people at my last company, Nextpoint, I served as the sole product designer, front end developer, and helped out with project management as well as print design, website design, and email marketing.

Nextpoint is a SaaS web application for litigators. The app had been built for many years without a UI/UX or product designer. While I started out as marketing coordinator, I quickly filled the role of product designer and front end developer, acting as the bridge between the development team and the product managers. I worked with the development team to implement a design guide while simultaneously collaborating with the product managers on app feature design and roll out.

If that’s not enough, I’m a mom of two amazing kids, incredibly hardworking, passionate about learning and improving and about creating a productive, cohesive working environment.